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blah, blah, blah,

31 July
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Non ducor, duco

--The unexamined life is not worth living."

accountability, all american rejects, american idol, anna nalick, art, banter, beaches, before sunrise, being a smartass, ben folds, bill maher, black comedy, bob dylan, brothers & sisters, burn notice, californication, casablanca, city of angels, closer, clueless, comedies, comedy, counting crows, covert affairs, creativity, dan in real life, dave matthews band, david bowie, denis leary, die hard, dirty harry, don henley, editing, elvis presley, entourage, eric clapton, eternal sunshine, everybody loves raymond, excess baggage, fiona apple, forbidden love, forget paris, frank sinatra, friendship, gene simmons family jewels, golden retrievers, goo goo dolls, green day, grosse pointe blank, groundhog day, guns n' roses, high fidelity, history, horror movies, house, i love the 80s, introspection, investigating, ireland, john cusack, jon stewart, joy ride, julia roberts, kelly clarkson, las vegas, learning, leon the professional, liv tyler, lost in translation, mad love, mad men, maroon 5, matchstick men, motown, movies, music, my best friend's wedding, mystic pizza, never been kissed, nicolas cage, nina simone, nirvana, no reservations, one tree hill, p!nk, painting, pale rider, pearl jam, philosophy, photography, pretty woman, private practice, psychology, reading, rescue me, research, romancing the stone, salt, san francisco, sandra bullock, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, saving grace, scary movies, sex and the city, shania twain, shopgirl, simon cowell, six feet under, sleeping, spain, sports, thai food, the bourne supremacy, the colbert report, the crazies, the daily show, the four tops., the godfather, the hangover, the insider, the italian job, the killers, the last kiss, the notebook, the rolling stones, the smiths, the sting, the supremes, the temptations, the thomas crown affair, the wallflowers, the weather man, the x-files, theatre, todd rundgren, tori amos, traveling, true blood, truthiness, unforgiven, vh1's scream queens, vocabulary, weeds, what about bob?, white collar, wit, writing